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Mar 2024 - May 2024


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Jason Syme

Dear valued members


It is difficult to believe we have reached the end of the year again. It has been a great year filled with many different challenges but with the great staff and our wonderful members we have got through this year growing from strength to strength.


I think that our course is looking beautiful, and I am sure you as members can see the hard work and dedication the staff have put into this beautiful course we call our home club. I am personally very proud to call Krugersdorp Golf Club my home club and look forward to the upcoming challenges that we as a team and members will face together.

We as Krugersdorp Golf Club would also like to thank all our members for their support and choosing Krugersdorp as your golf club.

On that note we urge all members to keep their eyes peeled as we will be sending you the Pro forma invoices for 2024 and request that you look carefully at our different membership categories to see which category suits you best. We will be doing things differently this year and request that all members reply on email to these Pro forma invoices and let us know if you are going to either change your category or stay on the same. This makes it easier for us to go ahead with invoicing that is then processed accurately. 

Furthermore, I would like to wish each and every one and your families a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year, if you are travelling, please be safe, if you are staying home for Christmas I hope to see you at the golf course and wish you many birdies and eagles. Take this time to practice and get ready for a great golfing year ahead.


Calvin Caldiera

We say it every year, but I can’t believe Christmas is around the corner. Our golf day season is coming to an end this coming week, and we have managed to put through a whopping 10212 rounds from September to November.

These golf days are crucial from a financial aspect to our Club, and I do know they often cause a bit of a havoc with booking availability, but we are trying to limit the affect it has on our weekday members for the future. In saying that we are on track to increase both our members rounds and visitors rounds and to have our busiest year to date! 


For those travelling, please do so safely and play some golf whilst away to keep the game sharp, and to those staying at home, please join us for as much golf as possible over the festive period. We should have a very hot December and shouldn’t be too affected by rain so it is a perfect time to get those extra rounds in that we missed throughout the year.


have finally given us a bit of a break this past week, however not before causing a few problems. Unfortunately, with the lack of rain and the loadshedding ramping up, irrigating has become a challenge and hence most of you would have encountered a few sprinklers on, whilst you are playing. Please do allow our irrigating team to finish up, they are trying their best to stay out of the way as much as possible but do need to water to keep our course condition improving over the next few weeks.


Due to the heat, we have not been able to verti-cut and dust which is essential to having fast greens, so they have been much slower of late, we will get them quicker as temperatures decrease.


We have also embarked on a massive tree project and have so far planted 90 brand new trees around the course to maintain our tree-line for years to come. Dropping away from these trees is compulsory in order to prevent any damage done and I have put blue stakes at all these newly planted trees which means you can take free relief from the tree itself, slightly different to the wood chips which give you relief from the chips only. Please do remember relief is for ball, stance and swing in both of these cases.

The new back tee at #6 was opened a few weeks back, much to many a golfer’s demise. This tee will be used very sparingly going forward so don’t fear every time you tee it up to start your round, however a little bird told me it might be used in Champs, so perhaps a good time to start working on those long irons.

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We have also started repaving many sections around the course, including over the bridge at hole 6, a new path between the 7th green and 8th tee, as well as a redirected path towards the 12th tee.


Please do help us by sticking to these paths when driving carts, as it helps tremendously with the wear and tear on our course. We will put a few more areas on our list for 2024 and hope to eventually have paths in all struggling areas.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, and many more birdies in 2024 …

Calvin's Golf Tip
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