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Mar 2024 - May 2024


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Caz de La Roche

Cassa has been a member of Krugersdorp Golf Club since 1990 and is now an honorary member, she holds a special place in our golfing history.

Despite achieving hole-in-ones elsewhere, Caz's contributions to our league team and her shared bronze championship with Jenny remain cherished highlights. Her dedication to golf spans an impressive 73 years, a testament to her passion for the sport.

First Hole In One:

1957 Bancroft, Northern Rhodesia (Zambia) on the  3rd hole. 

Second Hole In One:

Durban Deep (Roodepoort area) 1989

Third Hole In One:

Randfontein 2002


As the first female pilot in her time, she took to the skies once more on her 100th birthday, a thrilling journey documented on YouTube.

Click video to relive the joyous moments and witness Caz's remarkable journey.....

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WhatsApp Image 2023-11-16 at 13.31.20.jpeg

For her 99th birthday, our community organised a bike/trike event, and her expressed wish to fly again was fulfilled with a unique garden shaped like a plane and adorned with miniature aeroplanes crafted from collected funds.


Krugersdorp Golf Club joyfully celebrated a momentous occasion as we commemorated Caz de la Roche's 100th birthday. (see feedback slideshow below) Though her centennial milestone fell on the 15th, our festivities took flight on Saturday, the 14th, given her plans to soar through the skies on Sunday.

The event captured the vibrant essence of Great Granny Cassie surrounded by her grandchildren and a spectacular 'airplane succulent display' generously presented by the Krugersdorp Golfing Ladies. This thoughtful gift, adorned with 'Rand airplanes,' showcased the creativity and warmth of our golfing community. 

The celebration extended beyond the golf course, with Caz's family from Dubai joining the festivities on our deck. A heartfelt video captures the essence of her adventurous spirit, showcasing not only her passion for golf but also her love for flying and motorbike rides, a testament to a life well-lived. What a way to turn 100!

Krugersdorp Golf Club salutes Caz de la Roche on her centennial milestone and looks forward to many more years of shared camaraderie on and off the greens.

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