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Jul 2024 - Sept 2024



Moreglans Old Age Home

SAVF Môreglans Old Age Home offers far more than just residency for older individuals. We are a lively senior living community dedicated to providing care, companionship, comfort, and a variety of tailored activities that cater to individual interests.

Our commitment lies in delivering top-quality, person-centered care within a 'family' environment, backed by over 110 years of expertise in nursing, dementia care, and elderly support.

At the core of our philosophy is the genuine well-being of each resident. We believe that enhancing their quality of life hinges on creating a lifestyle that resonates with them personally. This is achieved through personalised nursing care, engaging recreational activities, and exceptional dining experiences, placing our residents' happiness and health at the forefront of everything we do.


SAVF traces its origins to the vision of Mrs. Georgiana Solomon, a Scottish lady, who founded the organisation on 19 October 1904 in Pretoria, hosted by Mrs. Annie Botha, wife of General Louis Botha. This gathering was driven by a group of women deeply concerned about post-war hardships.

The first SAVF Old Age Home, Môreglans, welcomed its first residents on 16 June 1910 in Krugersdorp, initially accommodating four individuals. Over the years, SAVF expanded its presence by establishing more Old Age Homes across various provinces including Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal, North West, Limpopo, and Mpumalanga.

In 2003, a new volunteer system was introduced, inviting all members and interested individuals to register as SAVF volunteers.

SAVF gained membership in PROUDLY SA in 2010, actively promoting South African products and services as part of its mission.

In 2013, SAVF enthusiastically participated in the national fundraising campaign Tekkie Tax, culminating on 31 May.

As a non-profit and non-governmental organisation, SAVF relies heavily on community support and engagement to fulfil its mission.


Join us in making a meaningful impact on the lives of elderly residents in our local community through our Charity Drive. We are dedicated to supporting local old age homes by collecting essential items that can enhance their daily lives. Your contributions are crucial in bringing comfort and joy to these seniors who have contributed so much to our society.

We kindly request donations of the following items to help us achieve our goal:

- 🪥 Toothpaste and toothbrushes
- 🧼 Soap and deodorant
- 🧦 Socks
- 🍬 Soft sweets
- 🧴 Vaseline
- 🧻 Tissues
- 🧶 Blankets

Each item, no matter how small, plays a significant role in improving the quality of life for our elderly residents. Your generosity will directly impact their well-being and contribute to creating a more supportive and caring community.

Together, let's demonstrate our unity and compassion by coming together to support those who have paved the way for us. Your participation in our Charity Drive will make a tangible difference in the lives of our elders, bringing smiles and easing their daily challenges.

Thank you sincerely for your support and generosity. Together, we can make a positive difference in the lives of our elderly community members and show them they are valued and cherished.

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